Outdoor sauna Kelo

Outdoor sauna Kelo

Step into the Northern sauna atmosphere.

The Kelo outdoor sauna gathers together the special features of kelo-wood, sub-wood, Legend heater and traditional craftsmanship along with a handmade window and door with wrought-iron hinges. The measurements are – given traditionally from the middle of the logs – width 2900 mm (114 3/16″), depth 2450 mm (96 7/16″) + terrace 1500 mm (59 1/16″). The diameter of the kelo-wood is 180 mm (7″) – 240 mm (9 7/16″). You can choose either Harvia Legend electric sauna heater or Harvia Legend 240 woodburning stove.

Kelo-wood is a snag, a standing dead pine tree. The bark has peeled off over the course of time, and the log has a silver-grey colour in the harsh and cold conditions of Karelian wilderness. Kelo-wood is typically several hundreds years old.

The benches, floor and ceiling are made of sub-wood. Logs that were lost during timber floating time and have been lying in the bottom of lakes and rivers for decades are now being lifted up and used in the lumber industry. Sub-wood has special characteristics because of the long time submerged in water: it is harder and does not break or shrink. It has a slightly red tint.

Harvia Kelo sauna delivery includes all the necessary materials to complete the sauna from above the foundation: wood materials, roofing, fastening materials etc. It is recommended to have a supervisor from the sauna factory to help with the installation. Also a full installation service can be provided.

Kelo-wood = a snag, a standing dead pine tree
Sub-wood = lumber made out of sunken logs

Dimensions width: 2900 mm (114 3/16″)
Dimensions depth: 2450 mm (96 7/16″) + 1500 mm (59 1/16″) (terrace)
Dimensions height: ca. 2950 mm (116 3/16″)
Diameter of kelo-wood: 180 mm (7″) – 240 mm (9 7/16″)

The heating options for Kelo sauna:

Outdoor sauna Kelo