Legend protective sheath


Price per unit. 1 to 3 required per heater.

Product Description

Legend protective sheath

Legend protective sheath, makes the safety distances of the stove considerably shorter. The number of protective sheath elements mounted can range from 1 to 3 as required. The protective sheaths allow the safety distance to be reduced to half on all protected sides. The product can be used with all woodburning Legend stoves. The sheath is made of black painted metal sheet.


The protective sheath and protective bedding must be used at all times when the structure and/or finishing is other than: a cement slab, a cinder block, or ceramic on a cement slab or cinder block. The Legend protective bedding is made of aluminum-zinc-coated steel sheet which is painted black.


Read and follow at all times the Instructions for installation and use.


Model WL200 WL100
Dimensions width in (mm) 20 1/2 (520) 18 1/2 (470)
Dimensions height in (mm) 39 3/8 (1000) 1 7/8 – 2 1/2 (48–65)
)Dimensions depth in (mm) 5 (125) 26 1/8 (665)
Weight lbs (kg) 14.75 (6,7) 18.75 (8,5)
Additional information Legend protective sheath Legend protective bedding


Legend protective sheath and bedding


Legend protective sheath and bedding



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